Daybreak Treasures Boutique

Sara Elbert
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As the CEO of Daybreak Treasures, I am honored to welcome you to our haven of locally crafted art, enriching art workshops, and our vibrant Sunshine Community dedicated to women supporting women in their passions. With a heart deeply rooted in service and nurturing, I proudly wear the hats of both mom and entrepreneur. As a mompreneur of five, I understand the importance of creating spaces where everyone feels valued and empowered to shine. Drawing from my over two decades of experience as an educator, specializing in art integration, educational technology, and science, I am committed to fostering creativity and lifelong learning. As an artist myself, known under the pseudonym Ari Allbright, I am passionate about infusing every aspect of our community with the joy of self-expression and exploration. As a proud resident of the Daybreak Community and a member of the Daybreak Art Council, I am dedicated to supporting and uplifting the diverse talents and stories of our community members. Our Sunshine Community is a testament to this dedication, where inspiring women come together to share their journeys, offer encouragement, and form bonds that transcend time.

Services offered

At Daybreak Treasures, we have cultivated a thriving creative community where personal connections flourish. Explore our online Boutique's curated collections, lovingly assembled from the talents of local artists, each piece with its own unique story. Immerse yourself in our vibrant events, including art workshops, gallery shows, and special events with women supporting women, all hosted at local venues. What truly sets us apart is the opportunity to forge friendships with the creators themselves and our neighbors. Come join us and soak up the affection and support of our vibrant Sunshine Community. We have created a place where everyone can feel valued, accepted, and truly at home.