Restoration Health & Wellness

Karen Atkinson
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Karen is a self proclaimed, “health obsessed FOOD & SPIRIT junkie”. After a 20 year roller coaster of chronic illness, anxiety, and pain she took her life back through food, natural healing modalities, and a resolute trust in God. Her approach to healing is uncommon and draws upon the full connection of mind, body, & spirit. She firmly believes in root cause therapy, the bodies innate capacity to heal and the spirits ability to CREATE health. She has a well of compassion and love for her clients and approaches every appointment with great care and a desire to listen. Karen has a degree in Public Health, certified as an Integrative Health Practitioner studying Functional Medicine & Ayurvedic Healing, a licensed Footzoner, accredited Theta Healer, Nutrition Educator, Reiki L2 Practitioner, and student of Orthobionomy. She is the owner of Restoration Health and Wellness LLC, developer of the Love Your Body Back Program, and Teen Wellness Redefined.

Services offered

Restoration Health & Wellness was founded upon the principle of root cause healing and provides a functional medicine approach to relieving symptoms through a variety of natural healing modalities, including; footzone therapy, diet & lifestyle changes, herbal remedies, and subconscious rewiring. This approach covers the physical, emotional, and mental challenges that we all struggle with in a gentle and profound way.