Solo Women and Wealth

Kathy Poss
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Following a three-decade career encompassing accounting, real estate, and non-profit fundraising, Kathy underwent transformative life events. In 2018, she had brain surgery to address an aneurysm, followed by a divorce in 2021. These occurrences significantly impacted her financial stability, prompting her to embark on a personal financial journey. Along this path, Kathy discovered her true calling: empowering women facing financial challenges to achieve greater confidence and independence with their finances. She is affiliated with the Association of Financial Counselors, recognized as an approved professional by Purse Strings co., and certified as a Money Habitudes® professional.

Services offered

Kathy specializes in coaching women to cultivate a wealth mindset and achieve financial empowerment. Her tailored programs cater to women seeking to assert control over their financial stability, gain confidence in managing money, and amass wealth. Each program is customized to address the unique needs, aspirations, and values of her clients, focusing on various financial aspects including budgeting, debt management, credit improvement, property ownership, savings strategies, estate planning, and future financial security. Kathy's expertise particularly shines in providing support to women navigating significant life events that have influenced their financial well-being.